Bespoke Wheels and Special Projects

Bespoke Wheels

Sometimes, a standard wheel just won’t do the job. In our speciliast work shop, we can manufacture wheels to suit your needs, to any specification required. This service can be useful if you want to convert the tyre size you are using on your vehicle, as we can alter the specification in order for it to suit a larger or smaller wheel.

If you are looking for a wheel that doesn’t exist as standard, please get in touch with our technical team, who will advise and talk you through your requirements.

Occasionally, we manufacture wheels for specialist vehicles and projects, here are some of our more memorable examples.

Click on each image to enlarge:

The wheels for the new Carmichael Airport Crash Tender, the Cobra 3

The wheels for the vehicles used in the 2012 film, Prometheus

The 22” wheels for the FAB 1 car used in the 2004 film, Thunderbirds

The wheels used on the London Duck Tours vehicles to suit their upgraded disc braking system